Noel Leeming Commercial


Building & Construction


Supporting the people who look after our most vulnerable

Partnering to manage the requirements of a large property portfolio

Creating an efficient, one-stop-shop service with Noel Leeming

Developing a partnership with to provide a full end to end service for the supply and installation of the appliances

Taking care of a complex heat pump supply and installation with a single supplier

Creating an efficient, one-stop solution with Noel Leeming

Partnering early on helped ensure this major development managed their cashflow and products met exacting standards

The Noel Leeming’s Built in Cooking Centre specialists helped SS Builder’s clients pick the perfect appliances meaning they knew exactly what they wanted and added value to their renovation experience

Aligned values pivotal to a successful partnership – and happy customers


Noel Leeming provides the knowledge, expertise and partner connections to support centre of excellence

Carlton School Banner(1)

How The Warehouse Group Business helped one school establish a more creative and collaborative learning environment.

Financial partnership helps bridge the digital divide

Creating an efficient, modern-learning environment with Chromebooks and Noel Leeming’s Whiteglove+ service.

Enabling Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Hurungaterangi School to achieve learning equality

Tech Solutions

Identifying and resolving Wi-Fi issues improves the staff and visitor experience at Green Cross Health head office

Working with Noel Leeming mainstream technology has become more accessible and found a place in the homes of those with sight loss.

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