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In the rapidly transforming education landscape, Noel Leeming Commercial is here to help educators set the future generations up for success. Our team is equipped with knowledge in everything from procurement to financing, STEAM to professional development for your staff, across early childcare, primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors. 

Whether it’s a range of AV equipment, devices, servers, managed IT services, training, furniture or even a coffee machine for the staffroom, we’ve got a catalogue that covers pretty much any product or service your campus needs.

“Our BYOD programme had to be easy for families. We were concerned that some families would find BYOD financially difficult, but thankfully the partnership with Noel Leeming Commercial helped to break down barriers that could stop families from bringing their own device”

Bill Hubbard, Principal, Rosehill College, Papakura

Solutions for Educators:

We’ve made rolling out and managing BYOD easy.

Equip your teachers with the tools they need to teach technology confidently.

Prepare your students for the modern world by integrating STEAM and Robotics into your curriculum.

Access AoG pricing, through our AoG procurement portal for education institutes.

We can help across Google, Microsoft and Apple devices and platforms.

Minecraft: Education Edition licences are available for free to all New Zealand state and state integrated schools, across Apple, Microsoft and Google devices.

Our Education team

Regardless of your operating system, location, or unique needs, we will be able to help deliver you with what you need.

Sam Gibson

Head of Education


14 years in the Education industry. Google Certified Educator, Trainer and Innovator. Passionate about transforming learning through technology.

Caroline Dewstow

Business Development Manager


Values driven to create partnerships across commerce, education & community that empower our tamariki to realise their potential with 20+ years of ICT experience.

Ben Halling

Business Development Manager

Central North Island

Success through collaboration, anytime, any place, any pace learning, with 20+ years of sales and management experience

Phil Clinch

Business Development Manager

Lower North Island

Over 16 years industry experience & knowledge with Noel Leeming Group. Passionate Solution Expert.

Matt Herron

Business Development Manager

South Island

A passionate ambassador for technology enhanced learning outcomes. Over 14 years experience in relationship and sales management

Joel Patchett

Commercial Education Specialist


Passionate about creating solutions through technology that transform learning

Philip Berrill

Commercial Education Specialist


15 years in the Education industry as a passionate educator and facilitator of Technology. Future focussed solution-based outcomes sought at every turn.

Stephen Perry

Commercial Education Specialist


25 years experience in solutions-based consultation. Technology integrator focused on learning outcomes.

James Rao

Commercial Education Specialist


Proud ambassador of agile learning through progressive technology with 9 years of Industry experience.

Morgan McKeen

Microsoft Education Manager


Microsoft Certified Educator, Trainer and Innovative Educator Expert. Passionate about the use of technology to support collaboration and creativity.

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Creating an efficient, modern-learning environment with Chromebooks and Noel Leeming’s Whiteglove+ service.

Enabling Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Hurungaterangi School to achieve learning equality.

Our financing scheme makes it easy for parents to finance the right technology

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