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Our managed cloud is built on one of the most reliable and high performing networks in New Zealand, allowing businesses of all sizes unparalleled performance and speed between their online applications and the cloud.

Leveraging our own cloud infrastructure means we can provide customers with a range of cloud services. Our fixed price solutions are offered “as a service”, meaning you can easily scale the solution up or down, depending on what you need.

How we can help:

Need somewhere to put your systems?

We can help you take away the complexity of managing your IT infrastructure. 

We provide servers on demand on our own equipment housed in high quality, PCI compliant datacentres. We can help you move to our New Zealand cloud, or help you manage access to the Microsoft or AWS cloud.

Need to scale up your security?

We can provide an end-to-end security service from your desktops to the cloud, leveraging a broad set of technologies. 

This service can include alerts and intrusion prevention systems, along with web content filtering, anti-virus, anti-spam and firewalls.

Need reliable and fast data backup and recovery?

Fast and reliable backup and recovery solutions designed to fit your requirements.

You can choose between New Zealand and Australian backup locations, and a full range of networking products.

Need a disaster recovery platform?

In the event of a disaster we can help keep your business running with our recovery services. 

Recovery is offered in datacentres located in Auckland and Hamilton, with RTOs (Return To Operation) of less than 15 minutes available.

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