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Strategic partnership is critical in the development and growth
of new state-of-the-art campus

Noel Leeming provides the knowledge, expertise and partner connections to support centre of excellence


The Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) were looking for a partner to optimise their ROI in the procurement of tech products and services for their new state-of-the-art campus – TechPark.


Noel Leeming’s nationwide network, partner relationships and Tech Solutions Team collaboratively work with MIT on the procurement and delivery of products and services.


The strategic partnership has delivered a more streamlined cost effective supply procedure, a seamless network and ubiquitous connectivity to provide access everywhere, and technical support. 

“Noel Leeming have a breadth of capabilities, they have a wide range of products and services, as well as a network of partners specialised in different areas, which clients can tap into. They bring new solutions to the table. And as a large NZ-owned company, we know they’re here for the long run.”

Gerald Masters, Head of Technology Services, Manukau Institute of Technology

Manukau Institute of Technology‘s new TechPark brings together all engineering and trades education under one roof for the first time in 50 years. It’s designed to be a state-of-the-art facility offering a more collaborative, active learning environment for students with flexible teaching spaces in classrooms and workshop environments. The faculty includes the latest technology and innovations, providing a new centre of excellence for engineering and trades education.

For MIT, partnering with a large organisation like Noel Leeming provided the peace of mind that they were working with a team that were invested – in what they do and what their future looks like – a partner that is willing to support them in their journey. The partnership enabled the faculty to stay abreast on the latest tech for learning, teaching and collaborating, “We are able to tap into their network of partnerships, their experience working with other education providers, and utilise their programmes, like P-Tech – all this we can gain through our partnership.”
Gerald Masters, Head of Technology Services at Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) explains.

Noel Leeming supplied over $1 million in hardware and services, including networking business worth up to $500K for MIT’s TechPark. The project delivered a more streamlined supply process and a robust wireless network across the campus.

Noel Leeming’s Tech Solutions team provided additional technical support, skills and knowledge to assist their internal team for the install and set up stage – overall reducing their workload. Noel Leeming were able to quickly adapt to the client requirements, having a team of their technicians become Extreme Network certified, to procure and install MIT’s network solution.

The success of the project has helped establish a strong relationship. Today, they continue to work together, meeting quarterly to discuss how the technologies are working and reviewing the performance. Jono Walker, Account Manager for Noel Leeming explains, “We take this opportunity to listen to their needs and their future plans. We look at this to see where we can help, what solutions we may have, what people, suppliers we can recommend or put them in touch with to assist.

We’re always looking at ways we can help add value to their staff and students.” Gerald Masters, Head of Technology Services at MIT further adds, “There are benefits to working with Noel Leeming, as a large organisation we can leverage their partnerships and buying power to deliver cost effective solutions, and their ability to take on new technologies when needed, even when it wasn’t on their books – they are able to adapt to our requirements.”

About MIT TechPark Campus

  • A new centre of excellence for Trades and Engineering Education
  • Established 2020
  • 9,000 sqm facility based in the Manukau CBD
  • 1,200 students
  • 100 staff
  • Noel Leeming Delivered: Strategic Partnership bringing knowledge, expertise and partner connections to the relationship. Providing a more streamlined procurement, delivering $1m worth in equipment, including Networking business worth up to $500K.
    • – Networking equipment includes: 58 Wifi access points, 20 switches, network cabinets.
    • – Products: Digital Technology [Hardware]: 88 LG TVs in total for the campus, including software, install and support.
      • > LG TVs for the 16-panel video wall in their main entrance / reception area
      • > LG TVs (6x) for digital informative signage across the campus
      • > LG TVs (66x) in classrooms
    • – Digital Technology [Software]: The ‘Super Sign’ software is a management system to manage the content on the video wall and manage the panels
    • – Noel Leeming’s Tech Solutions Team delivered:
      • > Making available nine technicians on site for the install and set up of technology.
      • > Unboxing, set up and install for:
        • + Sixty-five new hot desks for staff install included: Monitor arms, docking, keyboard, mouse.
        • + One-hundred and thirty PCs (desktops and monitors) across the campus.
        • + Five install of desktop and monitors into Project Rooms.
      • > The set up of desktops across the new TechPark, also included Other Services:
        • + Moving existing desktops from other locations to the new campus.
        • + Orchestrated outsourcing part of the install work, through one of their existing partners, for some of the TVs which required an install higher than Noel Leeming’s standard capabilities.

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