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Identifying and resolving Wi-Fi issues improves the staff and visitor experience at Green Cross Health head office


Green Cross Health were experiencing Wi-Fi issues in many areas of their Head Office causing every-day business disruption.


The Tech Solutions team completed a full audit and review of the Wi-Fi network, resulting in a comprehensive upgrade.


Optimal performance across the entire building and better performing Wi-Fi network created a seamless experience and improved the work environment.

“The upgrade was seamless, it was done over a weekend. It was painless and worked really well. Our business is happy, our clients are happy and it’s reduced the business disruption we were experiencing.”

– Gary Safe, IT Manager, Green Cross Health

About Noel Leeming’s Solution for Green Cross Health

Wi-Fi review

  • Heatmapping of deadzones
  • Review of access points
  • Post implementation testing

Product procurement

  • Noel Leeming Group’s buying power to provide Green Cross with the best value for the procurement of hardware

Project management

  • Management of installation to avoid disruption
  • Ongoing IT support of hardware and licensing

Delivering a seamless working environment through visual tools and expertise


For a business that relies heavily on Wi-Fi to support their collaborative working environment, it’s imperative for Green Cross Health to have strong coverage. Green Cross Health were experiencing a number of network issues in many of their meeting rooms, from connectivity interferences to it dropping out completely. Their devices were also approaching their end of life date (EOL) which was a contributing factor. That’s why, Green Cross approached the team at Noel Leeming Tech Solutions to review their network and propose a solution to upgrade their Wi-Fi and improve the network performance to meet business requirements.

This involved using a predictive tool which enabled them to identify the quality of the network coverage throughout the building, producing a heatmap. “Not everyone uses Wi-Fi planning tools but it provides complete transparency. We can use this information in our recommendations on where access points need to be located in order to provide optional performance. Once the work is done, another post implementation heatmap is taken to ensure the coverage delivers the improvements. This provides the client with a measurement of success for undertaking the upgrade work.” Iain Hally explains.

It’s been a year now and the business has had no network issues

“…our supplier customers who come in to run presentations have not experienced any issues. The upgrade has reduced the noise and disruption we were experiencing with an insufficient network – and our clients are happy.”

– Gary Safe, IT Manager, Green Cross Health

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