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Whether you’re setting up a new hotel, motel or restaurant, or are managing the day-to-day requirements of guests, Noel Leeming Commercial can help you streamline the purchasing and installation of all your technology and appliances. By providing a one stop end-to-end service, we help you eliminate the stress and time taken when managing multiple suppliers. Our relationships with Tourism Industry Aotearoa, Restaurants Association, Hospitality NZ, HAPNZ and plenty more industry associations mean we can provide great deals throughout New Zealand. We currently work with a number of major hotel chains to help them make their guests’ experiences even more memorable.

“I have had a long relationship with Noel Leeming Commercial. It is always a pleasant process when I deal with their team. From the initial contact when placing orders through to account management, I always experience the highest level of professionalism.”

Alan Crawshay, Maintenance Manager, Heritage Hotel, Queenstown.

How we can help:

Leverage our reach and buying power across trusted suppliers.

Streamline your day-to-day experience with our clever technology solutions.

Simple and efficient delivery, installation and removals.

Explore how financing can help your business.

Training, helpdesk and consultancy to help your business run smoothly.

Our Hospitality team:

Our dedicated sales and fulfilment team can help you with everything from pricing and purchasing to installation and support services.

Sarah Fry

Hospitality Strategy Lead


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Shop online through our procurement portal, which allows you to save time, and gain visibility of your business purchases.

We partner with trusted providers to deliver your business or school with a range of financing and leasing options to get the technology you need.

Fully functioning kitchens in 23 locations around New Zealand, so you can try out a wide range of appliances to find your perfect match. 

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