Noel Leeming Commercial

Early engagement sets up a great partnership and supports project cashflow


Finding a supplier who could supply over 200 energy saving appliances to support a large townhouse development


Entering into a partnership with Noel Leeming Commercial early meant the appliances were ordered and ready to deliver well before they were needed and were all delivered on time


All appliances were sourced and stored at no additional cost to meet the exacting building standards and  supported the cashflow of the project

“We started talking with Noel’s very early on in the project. They helped us find the right product and provided a better deal.”

– Verena Wu, Quantity Surveyor

Haverstock Road Townhouses

Located: Haverstock Road, Sandringham, Auckland. 46 Modern 2, 3 & 4-bedroom townhouses and terraced houses

Brands supplied: Fisher & Paykel. Appliances supplied: 230 Kitchen whiteware appliances

Services: Supply & Deliver

Completed: July 2019

Total Project Value: $18m

Developed by Oakland Group, built by Valcon Construction​

In Haverstock Road, Sandringham you’ll come across a 46 boutique townhouse development by Oakland Group. Verena Wu, Quantity Surveyor for this project reached out to a number of providers to supply & deliver kitchen appliances for all units. “I approached Noel Leeming before we even had building consent. The build was required to comply with a 6-Homestar Rating, which meant we needed to meet a number of standards.”

After discussing the project requirements, Noel Leeming provided a solution to fit-out every kitchen with modern appliances that met the project’s Homestar Rating at an affordable price. The appliance brand chosen was Fisher & Paykel, its ENERGY STAR rating means it has one of the most energy efficient ranges of kitchen appliances. All appliances were ordered well in advance. “This was another benefit with Noel Leeming, as many suppliers charge for storage, but with Noel’s we were able to store the stock without any charge. In addition to this, they didn’t require a large deposit up front, which helped with cashflow at the beginning of the project” explains Verena.

After completing this project in late 2019, Verena is now in discussions with the Noel Leeming team to look at a similar, new build project of townhouses in the North Shore.  “They are enjoyable to work with. The team is easy to get hold of and any problems are quickly responded too and dealt with. There were times during the Sandringham project where we were changing products; with Noel Leeming there was no confusion, they always got the right appliance delivered” adds Verena.



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