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When you’re all working together downtime can not only be frustrating but costly. Having a network solution that is up to the task of everything your team needs to do is vital for today and the future. 

How do you know you need to look at your Wi-Fi?

You may need to upgrade or fix your network if you are seeing 

  • Spotty coverage in rooms 
  • Bottlenecks for staff trying to access the network
  • Interference and weak signals throughout the day
  • Legacy equipment that can’t keep up with today’s demand
We have Wi-Fi solutions that suit your requirements whether you are a small or large business or require Wi-Fi to support educational outcomes. 

We can remove the headache of ensuring you have the Wi-Fi you need, when and where you need it. Our expert Tech Solutions team have years of IT experience for businesses of all sizes and can help ensure your team have seamless connectivity and full mobility with the security you need. We also specialise in helping schools ensure every student can access their digital learning wherever they are on the grounds. 

Our Tech Solutions team is also able to provide project management services to ensure the whole process is seamless and stress free for you. We’ll keep you up to date all the way to ensure the work is done on time and on budget.

How it works


Our experienced team complete a FREE 1 hour assessment to evaluate what your issues are: coverage, signal quality, access point locations, and network cabling requirements.


The team will provide recommendations to address your requirements.  This may include undertaking a fuller scan of your environment, configuration changes or changes in network design.


Our experts design a purpose built solution to provide you with a future proofed network and to address any identified issues.


We ensure that your new network includes all the security features you need to protect your network unauthorised users while ensuring your team have access to what they need.


Our technicians will install, configure and integrate Wi-Fi systems with your current network including laying cable, installing access points and configuring your Wi-Fi network to ensure it’s properly working.

Our technology partners:

How we can help

Product Procurement

With our buying power we can pass on the significant discounts to your business. We can help with the procurement of workstations, software and licensing, networking and infrastructure and more.

Ongoing Support

We also offer end to end support services to help you manage your entire IT environment. Combined with 24×7 support by our team of certified engineers, you know you’re in safe hands.

Software Installation

We can install any software on devices prior to delivery, meaning that they are ready to go once opened. This service helps businesses and schools with their white gloving, BYOD and MDM programs.

IT Installation

We have a team of IT experts who are able to design and deliver IT projects to help businesses and schools work more efficiently and effectively.

Learn more

We can help with whitegloving for school devices, through to mobile device management for businesses.

Identifying and resolving Wi-Fi issues improves the staff and visitor experience at the Green Cross Health head office.

Our team is able to help provide project management services, leveraging project management frameworks and methodologies.

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