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We work with partners who can help you get the technology you need, in the way that best suits your business or school.

Whether you want to finance-to-own your technology, or if you want to lease equipment, our commercial team can help you look at the options best suited to your particular objectives.

Formerly Equico and Flexi Lease, Flexi Commercial provides customer-centric financial solutions for New Zealand businesses and schools.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise can help make complex and expensive IT hardware upgrades easy and affordable.


Apple Financial Services provide financing options to keep you up-to-date with their constantly evolving technology.

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Both financing and leasing can help your business or school improve cash flow, this blog explains the difference between the two options

Customised to your business with special pricing, you can shop online and keep track of your purchases via our portal.

We’ve got a team of experts who understand the unique challenges and requirements of your industry.

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