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We help remove the headache of managing the delivery and installation of a wide range of consumer and commercial grade products at scale, saving you time and energy, and ensuring that your new products are safely delivered and installed. Whether you are kitting out new buildings, renovating homes or upgrading existing premises, we have a team of experts who can help manage your installation from procurement, through to clearing away and recycling any rubbish and old products. 

Our customers choose to use our delivery and installation services, because our nationwide network of Noel Leeming Commercial delivery and installation teams across New Zealand, means they benefit from the highest levels of communication, flexibility and service. For major projects, we are able to work alongside team members such as engineers, project managers, and maintenance and facility managers. If required, our Technology Services team is able to help provide project management services, leveraging project management frameworks and methodologies. 

How it works


Our Post Sales team will be in contact to arrange the schedule for delivery and installation, providing one point of contact for you, should you need anything.


Once you’re ready for the products, we deliver them to your site, and place them where you need them.


Once in place, we unpack and check the item for damage. Once satisfied that the product is “as new”, we install and test it to ensure it is working as expected.

Clean Up

Once we have completed your delivery and installation, we will remove all rubbish and any old items that need disposal, recycling where possible.

How we can help

We can help you install, hang, arrange anything from fridges and TVs, to audio visual  equipment and technology.

Specialised Installation

If you require specialised plumbing, electrical, building or HVAC work to safely install new products, we work with a network of specialised installers to complete the job on your behalf.

Software Installation

We can install any software on devices prior to delivery, meaning that they are ready to go once opened. This service helps businesses and schools with their white gloving, BYOD and MDM programs.

IT Installation

We have a team of IT experts who are able to design and deliver IT projects to help businesses and schools work more efficiently and effectively.

Learn more

We can help with whitegloving for school devices, through to mobile device management for businesses.

We can provide unboxing and recycling if you need, as part of our commitment to looking after our environment.

Our team is able to help provide project management services, leveraging project management frameworks and methodologies.

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