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We can help you enhance the productivity of your IT, by providing everything from the day-to-day management of requests and issues from your users, through to the management and optimisation of your IT environment. By outsourcing your IT requirements to Noel Leeming Commercial, you can leave your internal team to focus on delivering higher value projects and ensure that you have an IT resource available whenever you need.

Whether your business needs ad hoc help to resolve IT issues, or you’d like a fixed amount of time each month, we can find a solution that works for you. Our basic service provides full support during standard business hours, this can be handled by device, by user or based on time and materials – whatever suits you best. 

How we can help:

Log issues quickly

Depending on your plan you can choose to phone, email or log issues via our secure portal so you have visibility.

Access additional support

Augment your IT team or outsource your tech issues to our certified, experienced IT team.


Customised to your environment, our monitoring acts as a first line of defence to keep your systems safe and healthy.

Simplified pricing structure

Total transparency with our pricing models means you’ll know exactly what your upfront costs will be.

Service Portal

Quickly and conveniently log, track and update your service tickets. With different levels of security, managers can also access invoices, agreements and other users’ tickets.

Overflow capacity and escalation

If your IT team gets sick or goes on holiday – no problem. We can provide cover for your team when specific expertise is required.

Eliminate risk of knowledge concentration

Protect your business-critical information by ensuring comprehensive documentation is perpetually valid and any intellectual property required to fix problems is shared across your internal and external teams.

Managed devices

Our per-device pricing model is a flat fee for each device type supported in your environment – servers, workstations, printers and network. 

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Streamline your IT operations, leverage the benefits of the cloud and move your CAPEX to OPEX through our Managed Cloud solution

Access brands from Noel Leeming, The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery and Torpedo7.

No matter your business size, if you need a hand to deliver a major IT project, or are looking for someone to help lead your IT strategy, our experienced IT professionals are here to help.

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