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All state and state-integrated schools are entitled to a free Google Education Upgrade, as part of the New Zealand government’s agreement with Google. 

The licence allows schools to manage any number of Chromebooks, customise features and configure security settings from a cloud-based admin console.

Our Whitegloving+ service activates your free upgrade, and enrols your devices into a single admin console, where you can decide on management settings that work for your school. 

By letting us take care of setting up your Chromebooks, we will save you the large amount of time it takes to setup devices, this means less time tech-ing and more time teaching.


The Options

School Owned Devices

Managing your school owned devices is a no brainer, as it allows you to control the admin settings of your devices, ensuring they are used for the purposes intended by teachers and parents.

BYOD Devices

It makes sense to Whiteglove your student owned Chromebooks, to ensure efficient and safe learning. We call this Bring Your Managed Chromebook or BYMC.

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Managing BYOD Chromebooks ensures consistency of settings across devices. Parents can choose whether to have settings applied all the time, or only during school hours

New devices

Work with us to procure your new Chromebooks, and we can Whiteglove them before we send them to you, so they are ready to be used as soon as they are delivered.

Existing devices

If your school or students have existing devices which need upgrading so you can manage the settings, we can run a Whitegloving day at your school.

The Whitegloving Process

We enrol your Chromebooks with their Chrome Education licenses, so they can be managed seamlessly

We ensure your Chromebooks automatically connect to your school wifi network

We physically label your devices and match this label with the Asset ID in your Google Admin Console, so you can easily track and identify your Chromebooks.

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Creating an efficient, modern-learning environment with Chromebooks and Noel Leeming’s Whiteglove+ service.

Queenspark School needed to ensure the move to BYOD was fully supported with more than just the technology.  

Bring your Managed Chromebook (BYMC) is a program for schools that use Chromebooks for BYOD.

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