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Have your new technology set up and ready to go with all the necessary applications, software, security controls and wifi connections to save your organisation save time and money on configuring devices.We can help you by setting up your software before you receive your new devices, or we can retro-install software across existing devices. We’re able to provide whitegloving for Google devices, whether school owned or BYOD, and Mobile Device Management for Apple devices. 

We can also pre-register and tag your devices to save you valuable time and give you full visibility, transparency and control. Reach out to discuss which option is best for your school or business, and provide you with a quote.


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Creating an efficient, modern-learning environment with Chromebooks and Noel Leeming’s Whiteglove+ service.

Procure products from across our group brands, including Noel Leeming, The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery and Torpedo7.

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