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Installing heat pumps into a heritage apartment building requires a creative approach


Finding a supplier to source and install heating and air-conditioning in an existing apartment building 


Working with Noel Leeming Commercial to provide a full end to end service for the supply and installation of heat pumps


Delivery and installation of over 40 heat pumps to residents who now comply with Healthy Homes legislation and have improved their property value  

“The team at Noel Leeming think outside the box. They saw value in this project. We would certainly approach Noel Leeming again.”

– Steve Plummer

About Regency Apartment, Lorne Street

Located: CBD, Auckland.
Existing 4 storey residential apartments with 59 units

Services: Supply, Deliver and Install.
Appliances supplied: 45 Panasonic and Toshiba Heat Pumps.

Total Project Value: $120K.
Completed: Jan 2020

Taking care of a complex heat pump supply and installation with a single supplier

This 4-level boutique character apartment block – ‘The Regency’, is a unique historical property within Auckland CBD, housing 59 apartments. Steve Plummer, Managing Director at Strata Scope Management, the Body Corporate Manager was looking for a reliable supplier to deliver and install heat pumps to deliver air conditioning for all apartments.

The long-term owner occupied and tenanted apartments saw the benefit of bringing in an air conditioning system to create healthier homes and comply with the new legislation, as well as the potential increase in value for their property. For the north- facing apartments, the air conditioning system would bring a welcome relief during the hot summer days.

Noel Leeming Commercial managed the procurement, delivery and installation of 45 heat pumps. The installation within the historical building was not an easy task. There were levels of complexity surrounding the job and not every supplier Steve approached was interested in taking on the job. “Noel Leeming saw the value in the work and provided a solution which our clients were happy with. Rayan’s patience and customer focus and his positivity about the job were great.”

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