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NLC helps Rotorua Primary School Become an Apple Distinguished School

Enabling a technology-rich learning environment


The new school principal of Rotorua Primary School, Fred Whata, was looking to dramatically improve learning at the decile 1 school. He faced issues of outdated devices, unreliable WiFi connectivity and staff that didn’t entirely trust technology.


Rotorua Primary School collaborated with local partners NPeW, NLC and Apple to move towards a high-tech, progressive and supported learning environment.


With Apple technology, schools get a full suite of educational apps and the Device Management system means iPads can be easily administered, giving teachers greater control of devices. The mobile aspect of the iPads enables learning to be done anywhere, anytime, making the school a more modern and collaborative learning environment.

“I wanted to take the school in a different direction and be the first decile 3 school to become an Apple Distinguished School by 2021.”

– Fred Whata, Principal, Rotorua Primary

About Apple Distinguished Schools (ADS)

Apple Distinguished Schools have a shared vision of technology-rich environments that support learning goals.

Only invited schools who meet the criteria can become an ADS.

The team at Noel Leeming are available to help advise and support your school to become an Apple Distinguished School

Delivering a technology-rich learning environment

Being more than just the technology provider is an important part of the way Noel Leeming works with schools.

“It goes beyond selling a device and getting them set up, we’re helping them get the most out of their technology. It’s a huge investment to buy and cover ongoing technology costs, so supporting the school through PLD means teachers are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to integrate technology into their teaching.”
– Dan Pereria, Commercial Business Manager, Noel Leeming Group

“Recently our teachers attended their first Apple PLD event organised through Noel Leeming. It was a huge success and it was important for me to show our staff how advanced we are. As one teacher said to me “ it was the best professional learning day they’ve been on.” –
Fred Whata, Principal of Rotorua Primary School.

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