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BYOD and PLD Programs Rolled Out at Christchurch School

BYOD helps transform learning


With the school involved for over 15 years in the national ICT programme, they needed to ensure the move to BYOD was fully supported with more than just the technology.  


The long established partnership with Noel Leeming enables a seamless implementation of their BYOD programme along with PLD to set a strong foundation for learning.


Students and teachers are experiencing the benefits of BYOD with Chromebooks, delivering greater communication and collaboration, in the classroom and at home.

“We place high importance on cultural sustainability, technology and digital teaching and learning practices. Having a presence on the web is important to us – this all informs our localised curriculum.”

– Ross Willocks, Principal, Queenspark School

About Noel Leeming’s BYOD programme

Advice on the right technology options and accessories to suit the school requirements

Support with implementation planning and ongoing parent communication and support

Certified PLD partners and training to ensure teachers are confident and capable with the technology

BYOD devices are all classroom ready with the Whiteglove service saving the school time

Building an optimal learning environment

Queenspark School has been using technology to support their teaching and students’ learning since 2003, when the Principal and his team got involved in the National ICT contract driven by the Ministry of Education. The programme was aimed at increasing teachers’ ICT skills and pedagogical understanding as well as the frequency and quality of IT use in schools.

Ross saw the school’s involvement in the programme as a great opportunity to bring fresh ideas around using technology to enhance teaching and learning. To support this, the school heavily invested in their IT infrastructure, ensuring they had a reliable and efficient connection. “We have Ultra Fast Broadband in the school through our Network for Learning (N4L) connection. Alongside this we have developed a long-term relationship with Noel Leeming who have supported us in our BYOD programme and provided us with the advice and technology we’ve needed for the school. We have a partnership with a Christchurch based IT solutions company, who do all our network management and provide tech support.” as Aaron Jukes, Head of ICT and Teacher at Queenspark explained.

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