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Advice and experience helped deliver a large multi storey fitout for Kalmar Construction


Kalmar Construction needed to fitout a large student accommodation building which included a communal kitchen with cost effective kitchen appliances.


The ability to source all the appliances and manage delivery through a single supplier ensured fast turnaround and the choice of brands needed.


Noel Leeming Commercial provided both advice and an end to end service that saved time and money on this large multi storey project build.

With Noel Leeming we had no issues with late delivery, they were quick to respond to our orders with quick turnaround times on delivery – everything went well and ran smoothly.”

– Olivia Li, Quantity Surveyor

Built by Kalmar Construction

122 Anzac Avenue, Auckland. 21-level design and build project completed Jan 2020

Housing 488 rooms for student accommodation and a large communal kitchen

Appliances supplied: 54 Fisher & Paykel and Panasonic kitchen whiteware appliances. 

 Services: Supply & deliver all appliances

Efficient and Reliable Solution for Student Apartment

The 21-level student accommodation on Anzac Avenue offers 488 rooms including a large communal kitchen, TV/theatre room, study room, gymnasium, communal lounge and BBQ area on a roof deck overlooking the Hauraki Gulf.

This development was one of the largest projects Noel Leeming Commercial had worked on with Kalmar Construction. The team supplied and delivered all kitchen appliances including Cooktops, Ovens, Bar Fridges and Microwaves.

For this scale of project, looking for a supplier who could deliver at the price point needed, with a reliable, trustworthy brand, and little to no lead times, was essential. As Olivia Li, the Quantity Surveyor on the project explains, “some suppliers have three to four weeks to get stock in from overseas, with Noel Leeming the appliances we chose had no waiting time to get stock. For a project like this, we couldn’t afford to wait.”

There are so many options on the table when considering the fitout for large commercial sized kitchens. For this type of project, Olivia’s client was looking for affordable, reliable and low risk kitchen appliances. “It’s helpful when these solutions are presented to us along with the advice on what brands fit our requirements in terms of price, usability, warranties and repairs – the overall pros and cons of each appliance across the brands is what we’re looking for in a partner.” With Noel Leeming’s experience, they have the knowledge to advise on the different brands to fit any requirement, whether it’s high-end, or mid to low-end range.”


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