Noel Leeming Commercial

Avtar Enterprises Case Study

Partnering to manage the requirements of a large property portfolio


With over 70 properties to manage working with multiple suppliers was costing time and money.


Developing a partnership with Noel Leeming Commercial has enabled a seamless process of managing appliance requirements


With dedicated support, a range of brand options and nationwide coverage Avtar Enterprises is saving money and time

“Noel Leeming provided clearer communication and my requests are responded to quickly. They know my business and I can trust them to get the job done..”

– Avtar Singh

About Avtar Enterprises

A portfolio of 70 residential homes

Spread across Auckland, Rotorua, Gisborne and Te Kuiti

10 year partnership with Noel Leeming Commercial

Brands: Westinghouse, Robinhood, Parmco, Fisher & Paykel, Elba

Appliances: Rangehoods, Ovens, Stovetops, Dishwashers

Over 200 appliances supplied

Avtar Singh manages an impressive portfolio of 70 residential properties housing long-term tenants. When Avtar first started investing in the property market back in 2000, he worked with a number of suppliers to assist with supplying his homes with appliances, as well as providing repair and replacement. As many of the appliances are essential items, when something goes wrong, his long- term tenants need a quick solution. 
In 2010, after working with various suppliers, Avtar decided to simplify his approach to bring business efficiencies by partnering up with Noel Leeming Commercial. Avtar puts his success down to working with the right people along with keeping to a system – “Once you have a system in place, that is, knowing what appliances you need for a home, what brands you like, then it doesn’t matter how many properties you manage, as long as you keep to the same system and work with the right people, everything runs smoothly.”

With Noel Leeming stores nationwide, it means the team can receive an order from Avtar in Auckland and organise their local Noel Leeming store in Rotorua, close to one of his properties, to supply and have it ready for pick up.

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