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Business expansion calls for a new partnership

Aligned values pivotal to a successful partnership - and happy customers


Significant growth in building projects meant Venture Developments needed to partner with a reliable, nationwide supplier


An experienced specialist team, expert product knowledge, a dedicated pricing model and solution based approach for new builds and a consistent, high quality experience nationwide.


A partnership that achieves a shared vision and values to deliver quality appliances means that Venture Developments have been able to leverage the partnership’s buying power to benefit their customers.

“We really appreciate the support and enjoy the relationship – the people, the business and the culture Noel Leeming have.”- Jarod Thorpe, CEO Venture Developments


About Venture Developments

6 year partnership with Noel Leeming Group

Services: Supply and deliver kitchen appliances and heat pumps for their residential builds and heat pumps for their early retirement village builds.

Head office based in Papamoa Beach, Papamoa

Developments in Waikato and wider Bay of Plenty, including Rotorua and Tauranga

Specialises in modern, high quality, architectural designed housing

Established 2008

200 Residential & Early Retirement Village builds a year

Number of appliances supplied: Annual average, for residential builds and Early Retirement Villages:
Over 130 Ovens, Cooktops, Dishwashers & Waste disposal units 
Over 160 Heat Pumps 

Creating an efficient, one-stop solution with Noel Leeming

Venture Developments began in the Bay of Plenty but within a few years saw significant growth, taking their design/build projects to Christchurch, Auckland, and Hamilton. This fast growth meant that they needed a national supplier that could provide not only continuity of product and competitive pricing but who also aligned with their company values. 

As Jarod Thorpe, CEO of Venture Developments explains “Price was important but we look at the core values of the partner we’re looking to work with and Noel Leeming have very similar values.” The business also places a lot of weight on ensuring a quality offering for their customers, both during the build and after completion. Through the partnership with Noel’s, their clients receive peripheral pricing on products meaning they can get discounted pricing on selected appliance products. “We use our buying power to help our customers” says Jarod. 

A shared vision and values are what initially bought this partnership together but as Jarod explains, there’s more to this. “Our working relationship is extremely good with great communication. Our meetings are always professional, but it can often feel like working with your mates because of the shared values. When they call me about a problem, they follow up with a ‘but I have this solution for you’. If something goes wrong they inform us early and provide a solution.” 

Alan Jackson, National Trade Manager at Noel Leeming works closely with Jarod, catching up monthly to help Venture get the most from the team at Noel Leeming. “We have a team of dedicated specialists all trained to provide consistency for our clients, no matter where they are or which store they visit.” Noel Leeming are known for their experience and product knowledge, as Jarod explains “Over the years – there’s been a significant lift in knowledge – which has benefitted our clients.”

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