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Partnering adds value for builder and their client for a kitchen renovation

Customising kitchen experiences with Noel Leeming’s Built-in-Cooking-Centre


Helping clients pick the perfect appliances for their renovations and adding value as a builder requires partnering with specialists while also being able to save money with Trade pricing


Working with the Noel Leeming’s specialised Built in Cooking Centre (BICC) team ensures SS Home’s client select their appliances with confidence and adds value to their renovation experience


By partnering with Noel Leeming, SS Homes could access dedicated pricing as well as provide advice and support to their clients through the BICC high quality customer experience

“It’s a one-stop-shop. You find out everything you need to know in that one visit. We’d use the centre again for future kitchen projects – It’s definitely the way to go.” – Doreen Layton, SS Homes client


SS Homes Hawkes Bay

Project Value: $10K

Project – Kitchen renovation

Brands: Fisher & Paykel, Schweigen, Panasonic

Appliances: Rangehood, Gas-Cooktop, Oven, Fridge, Dishwasher, Microwave, Washer

Accessing the Noel Leeming specialists to create a great customer experience

Today customers are looking for experiences rather than just seeing products online. Noel Leeming’s Built-in-Cooking-Centres (BICCs) have been designed to meet that need and help customers create exactly what they want in a kitchen. Michael Vincent, Commercial Building Specialist at Noel Leeming explains, “Our centres cater for clients like builders, kitchen joiners, cabinet makers, who are working on new build designs or designs that are outside of spec. We have specialist teams working in our centres with a wealth of knowledge about the products and range.”

For builders, the centres provide a hub for their clients to experience a range of appliances in a kitchen setting. This is how first-time new home builders, Doreen and Darryn Leighton, were introduced to Noel Leeming’s centre in Napier. It was through their builder, Jason Sullivan from SS Homes, a client of Noel Leeming Commercial for the past four years.

While the clients knew they wanted to go with the familiar Fisher & Paykel kitchen appliances, there were still a number of products to choose between. “We went with Jason’s recommendation and checked out the centre. The BICC Specialist at the store, took us through a range of products, running live demonstrations and explained the differences between the products. They also introduced us to other appliance brands, which we would not have considered before.”

This helpful advice and relationship doesn’t end once the sale and delivery is done; with Noel Leeming’s BICC specialist team, they are with you throughout the process, from order to delivery to after sales care.

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