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Bring Your Managed Chromebook

Bring your Managed Chromebook (BYMC) is a program for schools that use Chromebooks for BYOD and would like to manage the device and user settings on these devices, with Chrome Education Licenses (free for state and state integrated schools).

This means that the school can apply various settings to keep the school and student safe. For example, it can ensure that only certain users within a domain can log into the device, so safe search and blocked URL settings can be enforced. 

Key benefits

Ensuring the device is set up for an optimal learning experience 100% of the time.

The ability to restrict websites, search settings and application downloads.

The ability for parents to choose whether managed settings are applied some times, or all of the time.

Lost or stolen devices can be disabled remotely, and the Chromebook cannot be reset, until the device is returned.

How we can help

Whether your device vision is BYOD, school owned or a mixture of both, we can help.

We can help you enrol your Chrome Education Upgrade onto your student-owned devices.

Learn more

Students and teachers are experiencing the benefits from coordinated BYOD and PLD programme rollout

We have a range of services designed to make procuring, managing and refreshing Chromebooks easy for schools and parents. 

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