Noel Leeming Commercial


Whether you are managing the build of a retirement complex, or setting up a new business, our unboxing and recycling service can help you save time, money and the planet.

Businesses of all sizes can do without the hassle and cost of dealing with old packaging. We offer affordable pricing for delivery, unboxing and recycling plus we can also responsibly take care of the old appliances.

How we can help:

The Process

We quote on the products, delivery and removal so you only have one invoice for the whole process.

Dedicated Delivery

Our delivery team is a nationwide operation who will work around your schedule to arrive on time and on budget.

Save Money

We can save you considerable time and money in both human resource expenses and rubbish removal costs.

Carbon Neutral

We’re looking out for the environment. By choosing us you know you’re doing your bit for a cleaner planet.

Everywhere You Are

With over 70 locations nationwide you can be assured what you need is just around the corner.

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