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We can help you install, hang and arrange anything from fridges and TVs, to audio visual  equipment and technology, at scale. Our basic installation services apply to any AV, IT and whiteware that doesn’t need to be wired or plumbed in by a professional.

“With Noel Leeming we had no issues with late delivery, they were quick to respond to our orders with quick turnaround times on delivery – everything went well and ran smoothly.”

Olivia Li, Quantity Surveyor. Full case study here.

Why choose Noel Leeming Commercial?

One supplier to deal with for all your quoting, procurement, supply, delivery, installation and after sales support

Our own dedicated delivery network, means you have flexibility around product delivery, making changes as you need.

One place for ongoing support of the products we supply and install, if anything happens to go wrong

Save on skip bins and keep your site more secure by using our rubbish removal service to remove packaging of new appliances, AV and IT.

Save time, money and stress every time you use our end-to-end services.

Save time and money

By leveraging our full end-to-end service for the delivery and installation of appliances and whiteware that don’t require specialised delivery, a group home builder who finishes an average of one new home every two weeks, can look to save roughly $190 per home, which equates to around $5,000 per year! And this figure doesn’t represent the valuable time recovered by one supplier managing the process from start to finish, meaning the franchisee, and his onsite trades, are free to concentrate on high priority work.
We’ve run the numbers on a typical new home package below, contact us to find out how it applies to your unique circumstances, we can help builders and renovators, property developers and managers, kitchen designers and architects save time and money.

How it works


Our Post Sales team will be in contact to arrange the schedule for delivery and installation, providing one point of contact for you, should you need anything.


Once you’re ready for the products, we deliver them to your site, and place them where you need them.


Once in place, we unpack and check the item for damage. Once satisfied that the product is “as new”, we install and test it to ensure it is working as expected.

Clean Up

Once we have completed your delivery and installation, we will remove all rubbish and any old items that need disposal, recycling where possible.

Learn more

Marra Construction needed to fit out the large Nine Oaks townhouse development with a range of modern kitchen appliances on budget and on time.

Kalmar Construction needed to fitout a large student accommodation building which included a communal kitchen with cost effective kitchen appliances.

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