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If you’re looking to go outside the bot and help prepare students with the skills they need to thrive, Sphero tools can help bring math, science, music, and art lessons off the pages of a textbook and into real-world applications. Sphero makes undeniably-cool, programmable robots and STEAM-based educational tools that transform the way kids learn, create, and invent through coding, science, music, and the arts. The Sphero ecosystem of tools and content gives kids, teachers, and parents of all learning and coding abilities a blank canvas to solve challenges at home, in school, and beyond. Read more about Sphero Bolt, Sphero Add-ons and Sphero RVR below.


Plug in. Power up. Roll out. 

The BOLT Power Pack lets you charge, store, and carry Sphero BOLT robots… times 15. Built with an integrated cooling system, your robots can charge safely all from one place. With mire robots, a longer battery life (2+ continuous hours), auto-aiming, and more, the BOLT Power Pack is the top of the line kit for educators using the Sphero Edu program in a classroom, robotics club, or in any maker environment you can dream up. Plus it’s loaded with Turbo Covers, maze tape, and protractors, so the activities can get started anytime, anywhere.


Fully programmable and highly advanced, Sphero BOLT was built to shine with a brilliant 8×8 LED Matrix that animates and displays real-time data. Use advanced sensors, the built-in compass, or infrared communication to up your coding capabilities using BOLT and the Sphero Edu app.
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Code Mat + Activity Cards

The Sphero Code Mat seamlessly pairs learning with play. Perfect for educators, students, and parents, this two-sided mat offers a simple, accessible way to learn block-based coding, basic math principles, and collaborative problem-solving. 

Side 1 Sphero Golf: 

Sphero Golf is our spin on the traditional golf course – it’s fun, educational and 100% caddy-free. Tee up your Sphero robot and take a swing. Explore concepts like distance, speed, math fundamentals and basic coding by navigating around sand traps, mastering a trick shot or scoring a birdie with your bot. 

Side 2 Sphero Town: 

Welcome to Sphero Town, a friendly little place where robots roam freely and everything is up to code. Program your robot with Draw, Blocks or Text to navigate around the city, plan a road trip or run some errands. There’s so much to see and do in Sphero Town, we’re pretty sure you’ll have a ball.

Activity Cards:

The Sphero Code Mat opens up unlimited opportunities for learning and play, but to help get you started, the set includes a pack of twenty activity cards. These double-sided cards feature 20 fun challenges and games you can use to inspire and engage your students. Work independently or in groups to complete all the activities!

What’s in the Box:

1 Double-Sided Sphero Code Mat (220cm x 115 cm)

3 Sets of 20 Activity Cards (20 activities in total)

Sphero Specdrums Education 12 Pack

12 Rings. 6 Play Pads + 72 Activities

Connect both rings to the Specdrums Edu app and tap on anything – your clothes, drawings, or the included playing pad – to create and mix sounds, beats, and loops that play all through your mobile device. This how Specdrums are meant to be played.

Activities for all subjects

Get started with Specdrums Activity Cards and explore the capabilities of using Specdrums in the classroom, whether that be with storytelling, mathematics, science, geography and of course music!

Play Pad Included

Take your masterpieces to the next level with the colour-calibrated Specdrums play pad or create your own.


RVR is Sphero’s revolutionary take on the programmable robot — drivable right out of the box, packed with a diverse suite of sensors, and built for customization. Expand RVR’s capabilities even further by connecting third-party hardware like a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BBC micro:bit, or Sphero’s own littleBits. RVR is your mobile blank canvas. Code with it, build on it, and hack the robot of your dreams — then take it anywhere.

Good for Beginners

RVR is fun to drive and easy to code. Open up the Sphero Edu app to drive RVR all over and when you’re ready to start coding, the Sphero Edu app makes it simple and intuitive: start out with Draw & Drive then dive into Scratch Blocks.

A Medium for Makers

Ready for more? Integrate RVR’s powerful on-board sensors into your programming projects and coding creations, then share them with the world.

Highly Expandable for Hackers

Code with JavaScript, expand with 3rd party hardware, or go even further with our public SDK library. RVR is the mobile platform that can keep up with the most skilled hackers and hobbyists.

What’s in the box:

  • Removable cover plate and developer plate with quick-release button
  • Removable, protective roll cage
  • Removable and rechargeable battery
  • Universal, 4-Pin UART expansion port for connecting 3rd party hardware (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, micro:bit)
  • 5V 2.1A USB-A onboard connectivity to power your projects using RVR’s battery.

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