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Noel Leeming Commercial is committed to operating in a sustainable manner and helping our customers and their businesses operate in the same way.  As part of The Warehouse Group, we are taking full responsibility for the impact we have on the environment and we’re helping pave the way for others to follow. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our footprint and improve our performance to protect the planet from the critical dangers of climate change.

As part of your Noel Leeming quote, we can also provide an unboxing and recycling option. This means that when we install your new products and appliances, we will remove and recycle the packaging and any old product. This saves considerable time and money in both human resource expenses and rubbish removal costs, and helps the environment

We are Carbon Neutral and CarboNZero certified, meaning all our carbon emissions for 2019/20 are offset. By choosing to work with us, you know you’re doing your bit for a cleaner planet.

We have a clear programme to reduce the amount of landfill produced across the Group and increase the volume of recycling we can achieve.

The Warehouse Group is committed to operating in a sustainable manner and to help its customers live their lives in the same way.

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