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Professional Learning Development in digital technology is not an event – it’s an ongoing journey. The world of technology is changing rapidly every day so we partner with UTB (Using Technology Better) to ensure teachers are well equipped to give their students the best opportunities to learn valuable skills.

Google for Education

Their Google Certified Innovators and Trainers provide expert training for your staff. They’ll show you what’s working in New Zealand classrooms and how the use of Google can be maximised in your school.

Available Courses:

  • Power Up Your Pedagogy with Google Apps (an introduction to Google)
  • Google Level 1 and 2 Educator Bootcamps
  • Google Certified Trainer Bootcamp
  • Google tools and the Geography syllabus
  • Google Apps for administration staff
  • Design your own: We develop a course that meets your specific needs

Microsoft Training

The Microsoft platform can provide rich learning environments for your students. UTB’s certified trainers will show you how to maximise student engagement, develop
fun tasks that monitor student progress and increase understanding and retention of

Available Courses:

  • Power Up your Pedagogy with Microsoft O365 (An introduction to Microsoft)
  • Microsoft Innovative Educator Bootcamps
  • Mastering OneNote
  • Student assessment and learning analytics
  • Flipping out: tools and techniques that work in a flipped classroom
  • Design your own: We develop a course that meets your specific needs

Apple Training

iPads and Macbooks are powerful learning tools. When used effectively, Apple products facilitate deep, critical thinking and empower students to be creative through accessible and customisable tools.

Available Courses:

  • iPad Fundamentals – school wide strategic planning and pedagogical approaches
  • App Maximisation – iPads as your number one creative tool
  • Become an iPad Ninja (Hands on skills and apps programme)
  • Storytelling and your iPad – Stop Animation, Time-lapse and Movie Making
  • Digital technologies and coding with Apple tools, iPads and Swift Playgrounds
  • Create stunning multi-touch books for your students, induction manuals for staff
    and communication pieces for parents using iBook Author.
  • Design your own: We develop a course that meets your specific needs

STEAM and Robotics

The Digital Technologies Curriculum should not be about the tool, but the thinking and learning that takes place. UTB’s team of certified trainers can unpack the buzz terms and tech, helping you link STEAM activities to the curriculum and your programmes.

They offer:

  • Engaging STEAM activities with students where teachers join in the learning process.
  • Age and stage appropriate programmes
  • Primary, Intermediate and Secondary school programmes


The eReady Certified School Programme has been designed to support you in the development and deployment of your technology plans. You will be provided with a framework to successfully design and deploy a technology plan. During this process UTB will work closely with you to help establish goals in the following areas:

  • Digital citizenship for staff and students
  • BYOD policy and practice
  • IT Infrastructure, including platforms and devices
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership development – leading a digital school

You will be given the tools to enable you to clearly define what success with technology looks like in your unique context and accurately measure that success.

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