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Professional Learning Development in digital technology is not an event – it’s an ongoing journey. The world of technology is changing rapidly every day so we partner with UTB (Using Technology Better) to ensure teachers are well equipped to give their students the best opportunities to learn valuable skills.

Looking for a quick overview of how to work with UTB on Ministry funded PLD? Check out their summary here

Who are UTB?

Using Technology Better pride themselves on delivering training differently. They provide a range of engaging practical tech training to over 10K businesses and schools  

The team at UTB are fully certified coaches and professional leaning specialists in Google, Microsoft & Apple offering courses and their style is different. They offer training that is enjoyed not endured

Choose from their three different options

In Person Training

The trainers will head to you to deliver a technology class in the flesh. It’s a great option for getting all of your staff together in one place so they can all develop their tech skills at the same time

Online Live Training​

Just like the In person training but attendees join live, virtual classes completely independently.

Learn on Demand training​

With UTB ‘Learn On Demand’ you get access to more than 30 courses guaranteed to develop your tech skills in meaningful, practical ways. Pre-recorded and hosted online, you can take any class whenever and wherever you want!

Using Technology Better is a PLD Provider and can support your staff to meet their goals and transform teaching and learning in your school They also assist you in submitting your application for Ministry PLD funding

Looking for a quick overview of how to work with UTB on Ministry funded PLD? Check out their summary here

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