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Our Microsoft Education Manager, Morgan McKeen, was a primary school teacher in her previous life, and is now the driving force behind helping schools, on any platform, explore and integrate tools like Minecraft Education Edition and Windows Mixed Reality into the classroom. She’s passionate about helping schools leverage the full suite of Microsoft tools to deliver meaningful learning experiences for today’s learners. 

Below you can watch all the tips and tricks videos she has created, and you can also register for a free 1-2-1 session with Morgan, to explore how tools like OneNote, Teams and Minecraft: Education Edition can help you facilitate teaching and learning.

"I highly valued Morgan’s help in learning more about both Microsoft and Teams. The fact that she had been a teacher herself was useful in relating to my current situation. I had one group session and two individual sessions with Morgan, and would have had more if I had more time!"
Grant Richardson
Rangeview Intermediate School

Microsoft 365 for Education

Windows 10 Features for Schools

Setting parental controls in Windows

Intune for education

Minecraft Education Edition

Digital Inking

Choosing the perfect windows device

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Did you know that at Noel Leeming Commercial, we have a dedicated team of experts that work to help educators incorporate digital technologies into their curriculum? Whether you need help with devices, financing, or even designing your schools e-learning programs, we have someone who would love to help.

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