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Technology Solutions to Help Caspex improve IT Delivery

A fully managed IT Infrastructure allows Caspex to focus more on their business transformation


With the business evolving and contracts coming up for renewal, it was the ideal time to review Caspex’s IT infrastructure requirements and drive cost efficiency.


A fully managed solution from Noel Leeming Tech Solutions, including ongoing maintenance and support


An improved IT environment delivering greater productivity, enabling Caspex to focus more on their business and less on their IT infrastructure.

“The team are proactive, forward-thinking and innovative – they notice things and come up
with solutions or ideas that we wouldn’t always have thought of”

– Pauline Luinstra, Caspex IT Manager

About Noel Leeming's Total Solution for Caspex:

IT Managed Services

  • Systems monitored 24/7
  • Providing end-to-end Support Services
  • NZ based Service Helpdesk

Cloud IT Services

  • NZ based Service Helpdesk
  • Delivering greater connectivity with ultra-fast internet connection
  • Secure and resilient backup solution


  • Noel Leeming Group’s buying power to provide Caspex with the best value for the procurement of hardware and licensing

Professional Services

  • Management of migration of all servers from another provider
  • Providing professional project management services
  • Collaborate, plan & implement a number of solutions to transform their business
  • Analysing the business to identify and evaluate options for improving business systems

Delivering efficiencies through a total managed service

Thanks to the team at Noel Leeming, Caspex can focus their energies on other areas of their business and spend less time focusing on their IT infrastructure. The advice and expertise Tech Solutions offers is invaluable and they’ve become a trustworthy, reliable partner for Caspex.

What started out as a need to review their IT hosting & overall costs, resulted in a full review of Caspex Corporation’s IT Infrastructure. Caspex approached the team at Noel Leeming for their advice and appointed them as their IT partner to host and maintain their environment. The result being a full end to end solution for Caspex including cloud services, a fully managed IT environment, professional services and security, and procurement services for their hardware and licensing.

Not only were cost savings made but also improvements on Caspex’s existing IT infrastructure. These included a consolidation of their DNS and resolving network issues that were identified by Tech Solutions’ proactive maintenance programme. The team also identified expired support on switch hardware through Tech Solutions’ warranty management system which identifies systems no longer under support. The team recommended a replacement of this equipment to improve stability and

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