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New Kid on the Block: Kai’s Clan

We’re excited to be one of the first companies in New Zealand to bring Kai’s Clan, the latest in AR/VR coding technology for the classroom, to the market. 

Kai’s Clan, owned and operated right here in New Zealand, has developed a new immersive AR VR coding platform for students aged 7-14 years old, and are proud to be teaming up with Noel Leeming Commercial to launch the latest robotics/coding platform for schools.

It’s 35+ cross-curricular lessons allow educators to create their own projects which they can share with the community of educators, while students can create a range of AR/VR experiences, and jump into the driver’s seat of a rover on Mars, a forklift in a busy warehouse, or the pilot’s seat in a plane high over a thriving metropolis.

Not only does Kai’s Clan bring together educators to share lessons and learn from each other, but Kai’s Clan also breaks the traditional geographical barriers to bring kids from around the world together and allow them to solve challenges in exciting new ways. 

Kai’s Clan STEM toolbox integrates features such as collaborative/multiplayer coding, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to create an immersive learning experience for your students. Pairing physical adventure mats with virtual worlds, Kai’s Clan brings computational thinking to life!

Over the last year, Kai’s Clan has been continuously improving the experience by listening to educators for feedback. The feedback has allowed Kai’s Clan to become a recognised teaching resource, winning Top Pick for Learning from Common Sense Education, that provides educators with a toolbox of different tools to help prepare our students for their future jobs.

If you’d like a live demo of Kai’s Clan, you can book a demo with Ronel, the education specialist here.

If you’d like to learn more about Kai’s Clan, you can visit

To read more about the products we have available for purchase, click here.

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