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Are we ready for smart homes?

Did you know that in 2023 it’s expected that the average home will have over 21 connected smart devices, compared to just one in 2018? Smart home consultations are going to be part and parcel of new home builds and renovations.

So, what are some key considerations for you, or your clients, when it comes to setting up smart technology in new homes?

If possible, discuss before the build, how you, or your client, intends to use the home from a smart perspective. The opportunity to include internet connection requirements such as bandwidth at preline, are key to scope.

It’s entirely possible to implement smart home upgrades post-build, or to renovations, by maximising the existing home wifi network. We often suggest upgrading the router or using a mesh network (multiple access points throughout the home). This can allow for a consistent wifi strength throughout the home at all levels using only one network.

Establish priorities around how you, or your client, intends to live in the home. Our most common queries revolve around whole home solutions from keyless entry to wireless entertaining options. Voice assistants and smartphones enable ease when it comes to controlling security, audio and video right through to lighting – the options are vast and smart eco-systems that enable devices to talk to each other versus one off stand-alone devices are all part of the conversation.

If you need a hand navigating through smart living options for you or your clients, then we can help. We offer a free in-home consultation in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch, and can make a no-obligation customised recommendation for how you can incorporate smart technology into your home or business.