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Chromebook Procurement

Chromebooks are built for the classroom. They are tough,  secure, easy-to-use devices that update automatically, are easy to set up and manage.

Over 40 million students and educators use Chromebooks in the classroom as of January 2020. With a 6-second boot up, teachers and students can quickly get into teaching and learning. 

Whether you need to refresh your Chromebooks or embark on a new BYOD program, Noel Leeming Commercial has been helping schools keep their Chromebooks up-to-date and available since 2012. 

How we can help

We’ve created a comprehensive toolkit that makes it easy to roll out a BYOD program across your school.

Use our simple online portal to buy your Chromebooks and other school supplies at preferriental pricing.

We have a range of services designed to make procuring, managing and refreshing Chromebooks easy for schools and parents.

Why Chromebooks

With the right Chromebook tools, learners can achieve any goal. Discover apps that were designed with learning in mind.

Book a Chromebook Demo

If you’d like to see how Chromebooks can help you create an optimal learning environment,book a Chromebook Demo below.

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Equip your teachers or staff with the tools they need to use the technology confidently

We can help with whitegloving for school devices, through to mobile device management for businesses.

See how this Rotorua school used DaaS to improve learning equality with Apple devices

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