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Good Loans - no interest loans

We believe every student in New Zealand deserves access to the digital technology they need in the classroom and at home. But the cost is out of reach for many schools and families. Along with Good Shepherd NZ we’re here to support you and your school community to access the tools they need.

Good Shepherd NZ offers fair and affordable loans for essential items for New Zealanders on limited incomes. These loans are to help New Zealanders improve their quality of life and are provided on a not for profit basis. They’ll work with you and your families towards creating a 1:1 ratio of device to student.

How it works

Firstly, we talk through what you’ll need to roll out a BYOD programme in your school – including which devices are available, getting parents onboard and understanding the financial options that your school may need. Then we can put you in touch with your locally based Loan Worker. Your local Loan Worker will work directly with your families who want to apply for a loan and provide financial capability support if needed.

Good Loans for BYOD are::

  • Up to $1,500
  • No interest and no fees
  • Repayments up to 12 months
  • For people on limited incomes

To find out more about the lending programme visit

Just get in touch with your Education Specialist and we’ll introduce you to your local Good Loans Loan Worker and explain the devices and accessories available.

You speak directly with your Loan Worker to find out how the loans work and how to promote the loans to families.

Download the Good Loans collateral from the Noel Leeming BYOD Toolkit to help you communicate the programme.

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Manurewa High School needed to bridge the gap in digital literacy for their students while taking into account accessibility and affordability.

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