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Rolling out BYOD can be a daunting project for teachers and expensive for parents. From recommending the right devices, setting them up, licensing, compliance, financing, training and ongoing support, we have years of experience working with schools and education organisations. We’re committed to ensuring everyone has affordable access to good technology and digital knowledge. That’s why our education partnerships across the country make us the best choice for your technology needs.

How we can help:

BYOD toolkit

Designed especially to help schools and teachers communicate the benefits and requirements of BYOD with parents, our BYOD toolkit has downloadable product flyers, a guide for parents, information on our No Interest Loans Scheme and email banners and web banners to help you promote your BYOD scheme.


We have certified education specialists throughout New Zealand to help with on-boarding and we partner with UTB (Using Technology Better) to enhance the speed of uptake and quality of understanding for both teacher and student.

We work with great partners to offer a variety of helpful finance and lease options for both schools and parents. Our NILS offering (No Interest Loan Scheme) has a useful range of initiatives to help make sure everyone has good access to digital learning.

Buying new tech is exciting, but sometimes the rough and tumble of school life means things don’t always go to plan. Our Product and Damage Protection Service plans provided through Noel Leeming give the peace of mind you need.

Parents of schools with BYOD memberships with us, are able to access discounts on selected education technology and accessories. 

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