BYOD for your School

BYOD with NLG is based upon true partnership with a single purpose; lead by your school, fulfilled by our passionate people.  Together, we support world-class learning in Aotearoa by providing unbeatable value, trusted products, learning & tech solutions to New Zealand’s families.


“Back to School” is getting tougher for parents to manage.  BYOD not only adds cost, but also complexity to this challenging time.  We know parents genuinely want to provide what’s best for their child, they need BYOD to be simplified and deliver real value over time.


We know that families need a solution, not just a device, therefore our end to end solutions address those needs.  A partnership with Noel Leeming reduces complexity and fragmentation, empowering families to make wise choices that genuinely support their child’s learning today and into the future.

Partnership allows school to focus on its core objectives

Whether you choose a prescriptive or a more open BYOD program, after our consultation phase, as your BYOD partner, Noel Leeming staff will facilitate the agreed solution directly with your community, as a result there is zero investment or responsibility required by the school.


Any technical or device related issues can be directed straight back to the Noel Leeming team, leaving your school’s IT staff and teachers free from the burden of providing BYOD support.


Technology is an essential element in 21st Century learning, a partnership with Noel Leeming will enable your school to harness our expertise, leaving you to focus on the best teaching and learning possible.

Fundraising & Community

We are local & participating members of your local community, actively seeking out opportunities to engage in fundraising to support our local schools.


We run a Friends & Family fundraising event for schools during May and November every year. This event opens up a preferential discount rate for friends and family of your school, ( cost + 10% & delivers a 2.5% rebate back to the school). As a BYOD Partner, your school automatically qualifies for this event.


We can host BYOD event in-store that helps promote the program to parents & provides a safe space for discussions around finance.

How Noel Leeming make BYOD easy

It starts with relationships – Getting to know your school and how you use technology is fundamental to achieving the alignment needed to deliver a seamless, cohesive BYOD experience for your community. 


Right product – together we will tailor a solution that optimises digital learning in your school environment – leveraging our end to end solution offering to meet the needs of home and school.


Right price we are committed to delivering the greatest overall value through lowest price + Price promise + Fly buys.


Finance to suit – one size doesn’t fit all.  We personalise finance solutions to suit individual families, in addition to store lay-by, we are approved WINZ and CYFS suppliers.  We use only reputable & proven finance providers with absolutely no financial investment required by your school.


Playtime – buying technology for many is a major purchase, our stores allow parents the time and space to play with the product before making a purchase.  Furthermore, our passionate experts are there to help in real time, answering questions informed by our relationship with your school.


On boarding –  every customer receives a complimentary training session on their device, designed to help families understand the technology together, supporting whanau engagement.


Extended learning   through our 21 in-store Tech Solutions Centres families have access to extend learning on subjects such as digital citizenship, home internet security, parental settings, etc.  Instruction can be designed to align with & support your school’s digital citizenship policies.


Connectivity Solutions –  Anytime anywhere learning requires connectivity,  NLG’s Connected Solutions centres provide home broadband or mobile connectivity to meet the demands of a connected family.

Tech Solutions

Delivering an exceptional experience both during and after sales is paramount to Noel Leeming, as a result, our Tech Solutions service offering is second to none, and includes:

Supercover Warranty operates alongside, and in addition to, consumers rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA) and includes:


  • 24/7 online claims processing
  • International Coverage – assistance whilst overseas
  • Cover for power surge and ‘normal wear and tear’
  • Replacement Cover on Small Appliances and other products $450 or less
  • Battery Cover on batteries including removable ones, unless a consumable
  • 30 day Price Protection

Set up & installation We’re the experts at getting students devices set up and running. We can go to the family home or set them up in-store and show the family how to use them!

Support Our HelpDesk team are available 8.30am-5pm, 7 days a week, to help Parents & Students solve tricky technology issues. We can troubleshoot the problem while the student stays at home, with remote access to the computer, smartphone or tablet, all over a secure connection. Helpdesk is available as a pay as you use service or 12 month service, with unlimited phone chat & remote support.

Repair When it comes to software issues, we can fix majority of these for our customers at one of our Noel Leeming stores. If it happens to be something we can’t resolve, we’ll recommend another quality provider. We aim to diagnose the problem quickly and give the customer the next steps to get their technology up and running.

Learning While students are generally tech-savvy, we know BYOD presents many challenges for Parents, particularly around Cyber Citizenship. Parents and care givers who grew up on the other side of the digital divide can gain confidence and knowledge of how to secure the home network and the child’s device, learning how to access parental controls and set up restrictions.


Our BYOD range is hand-picked to be fit for purpose for the rigours of student use.


The products on our BYOD catalogue are light and portable, provide all day battery life and are equipped with Solid State hard drives.
Many of our devices feature durability and design features that ensure maximum uptime and lower cost of maintenance.


We recognise that Back to School shopping for parents can be time consuming and confusing. Whilst we have an extensive offering of devices in store, we have narrowed the BYOD selection to devices and accessory bundles which allow parents to shop with confidence and ease.


Our selection is broken down by Eco-system, understanding that schools preference for devices is often informed by the platform they use:

Shop devices

* These brands will link through to the retail product pricing for commercial pricing please contact you local Commercial Business Manager

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What is BYOD?


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an ever-growing trend which encourages schools and parents to adopt a policy which encourages students to bring their own personalised device for learning in the classroom and at home. Students largely get to decide which device they will use to complete their studies as schools usually only have a few minor requirements or preferences.

Hundreds of schools across New Zealand now have BYOD policies in place. This means students can now use their own devices, such as tablets or laptops, at school to help with their learning. It allows them to do research, complete their homework and collaborate on projects with their classmates or teachers on their very own devices.

Why does BYOD matter?

BYOD utilises devices that students would likely be using for their own personal use, in the classroom. It significantly reduces pressure on schools to produce and maintain their multimedia resources and increases collaboration in the online environment between students and teachers.

There are some key advantages for adopting a BYOD strategy including increased productivity (students are more comfortable and can work faster on owned devices) and reduced costs as mentioned above. To work efficiently, most schools operate lessons and projects over a cloud-based system which allows for transparency and collaboration.

Top 10 Tips


  • Use your school’s intranet as a point of reference to make the most of your school’s resources, and to maximise communication with classmates and teachers.
  • Set up documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows in your school’s preferred cloud platform – allowing for easy shareability and collaboration.
  • Publish the work you are proud of. Not only will you be able to look back and see the truckload of awesome projects you’ve completed in the past year, but it will also give you a good starting point for a portfolio – giving you an edge for your future.
  • Use an online folder to organise and save your work by subject or class so you never lose it again! Dropbox and Google Drive are popular examples, but there are so many free ones to choose from.
  • Use an online calendar to organise each day and never forget a project deadline or event again! Other students and teachers can also set meetings and see your availability, increasing efficiencies.
  • Put your mobile phone to good use! Take photos of what’s being presented, record inspiring classes, and video projects to make them more engaging and take your project to the next level.
  • Facebook doesn’t have to be the school devil. Use Facebook groups to connect with your class and share ideas, photos, and videos through the intrinsically social platform. Facebook groups can be private so you can ensure your privacy is protected.
  • An online portfolio is a great space for a personal learning environment to record and showcase evidence of achievement, manage development plans, set goals, and create online learning communities.
  • Consider using alternative social medias like Twitter & Instagram to collaborate on topics and trending news using a specific hashtag. This would be a great way to keep up to date with any school related developing news or topics e.g. school ball plans.
  • Get advice. Figure out your device preferences and requirements, read through the helpful BYOD information on this site, and come in store to talk to our BYOD specialists. We’re here to help!

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