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What is trade pricing and how can it help your business?

Sometimes things are more difficult than they should be. We find this is especially true when we try to explain all the great benefits organisations can gain by becoming a Noel Leeming Commercial customer.

This blog is here to help explain the differences between retail, trade and preferential pricing, and how this relates to Noel Leeming and Noel Leeming Commercial.

Retail Pricing

This is the price you will pay if you go into a Noel Leeming store and purchase anything off the shelves, at the displayed price. Most days you’ll find great deals on a wide range of products.

Preferential Pricing

This is the price you will pay if you are a member of a partner organisation of Noel Leeming and Noel Leeming Commercial, you will need to provide your membership card or voucher at the point of purchase to have the preferential pricing applied in any Noel Leeming stores. Preferential pricing provides you with a cost + % across a wide range of products in-store. T&C do apply please see the back of your card or voucher for these.

Trade Pricing

Trade pricing provides competitive commercial rates for volume procurement on our products and services, and is not just limited to the Noel Leeming range, but also applies across the entire Warehouse Group of companies, which includes The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery and Torpedo7. The buying power of our Group means we can also source commercial grade products at great prices.

To access Trade Pricing, organisations need to create a Trade account with Noel Leeming Commercial, which then provides access to a dedicated account manager who can help provide guidance and options on products and services that are available, as well as access to an online purchasing portal, so you can shop online 24/7.

Setting up a trade account with Noel Leeming Commercial is perfect for those looking to buy products at scale, or needing to provide quotes on products to their own customers. The procurement portal is helpful for businesses needing to make every day purchases for their own businesses.

The credit account also helps with cash flow, and you’ll receive access to customer-only deals on products, and great pricing for our value added end-to-end services like delivery, installation, unboxing and rubbish removal.

If you spot a deal that is too good to miss, we can also store the products you purchase for up to three months at no cost to you.

We have account managers throughout New Zealand, ready to help.


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