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Two easy ways to improve security and reduce theft, on your building sites

When thieves target your building site, there’s more than just the loss of materials and tools to deal with. You also have to factor in the downtime occurred as you, and your staff, go through the process of reporting the theft, dealing with insurance and replacing stolen items in order to keep building.

Below are two easy ways to help you minimise the risk of being targeted by thieves.

Tip #1: Get Techy

Technology has moved quickly in the past ten years and smart solutions to detect unauthorised activity onsite are now literally at your fingertips. 

Security cameras are now easy to set up, and available at price points that make them accessible to small businesses and households. They can connect via Wi-fi or mobile data to your smartphone, tablet or computer, allowing you to monitor what is happening on your sites, communicate remotely and be alerted to any unexpected activity.

There are a few options to consider if you’re looking to secure your sites, and the brand we most love is Arlo. Arlo’s range of cameras are easily set up onsite, and provide a wide range of features and benefits, depending on what you need.

Arlo’s range has:

  • Options to capture video in 1080p or up to 2K image resolution
  • Integrated spotlights and colour night vision
  • Weather resistance to work indoors or out
  • Two-way audio, to speak to visitors or intruders
  • Built-in smart sirens that you can use remotely if the situation warrants it
  • The ability to view recorded video clips directly from your phone and/or use the built-in SD card slot to allow for local backup storage in the event of internet interruption
  • Easy recharging with multiple power options available from rechargeable battery, solar panel or outdoor charging cable. 

You can see the range of Arlo products available on here. 

Tip #2: Get Tidy

Thieves target sites where there are signs of new appliances, either recently delivered, or recently installed, as these can be worth more and easier to remove, than the tools and materials left out overnight.

When looking to reduce your risk of robbery, consider where you are advertising to thieves that you have new appliances onsite.

This includes where the goods are stored on delivery and where the packaging is placed after installation. 

At Noel Leeming Commercial, we have developed an end-to-end delivery, installation and rubbish removal service that helps reduce these risk factors, and provides a whole raft of other benefits for trade.

Our dedicated delivery service means that appliances, IT and AV are delivered to site as needed, reducing the amount of time that they are stored uninstalled onsite. Importantly, our rubbish removal service then removes all packaging from site, so there is no evidence of new products sitting in your onsite skip bins.

This not only reduces the risk of thieves targeting your site, but means that you can save time and money on managing the process yourself. 

If you’d like a Noel Leeming Commercial account specialist to help you find the right solution to improve security and reduce theft on your building sites, and help you access preferential trade pricing and brands that aren’t available through, please reach out.

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